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The Soul Vibrates

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Creating a Conscious Source Foundation – Preparation

Excuses, excuses. Always there are excuses. Whether it is the cold weather outside or we just think we deserve a break, it is always possible to rationalize not doing the work you know needs to be done. This is especially so when it is work you set for yourself and are accountable only to yourself. Sooner or later, constantly braking vows you make to yourself has a cost.

I need to get down to work. More over I need to get very focused about it. And I’m thinking since writing is the strongest asset I’ve got, everything else just needs to wait while I focus on that. I’m actually a good writer but this blog hasn’t reflected that. This blog for the moment has been about quantity, about a steady output of work. Furthermore if writing is going to become my sole focus I need to master my basic tools. I have yet to master touch-typing. I’ve always let frustration beat me in this, but no longer. And I’ve got my copy of The Elements of Style which I must gorge myself on.

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Avengers: Children’s Crusade #1 Mini-Review


Allan Heinberg


Jim Cheung

Oh. Wow.

That’s it. That is all I have to say on the subject.

Okay so I have more to say. Allan Heinberg has spoiled older comics for me because his writing is so good. And this is me talking about the original volume of Young Avengers. It blew me away and I was a huge fan. That quality of writing continues to bring a richness and depth to the characters here prompting you to fall in love with them again, or for some, the first time.

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