Meet The Doppelgangers (Part 1)

Art by Dustin Weaver

I figured I’d document all the doppelgangers that I meet on my Quantum Jumping adventures. Why? Because it’s another post and as long as I’m writing I win. Plus that Dustin Weaver art is pretty sweet.

The High Writer

Click image for source

This doppelganger, in his universe, has become one of the most important figures in literature. He’s dressed in an almost 20’s style fashion, pinstripe suite with those black and white high top smart shoes. While he reminds me of the Congolese Le Sape, they don’t share an energy or any other kind of connection other than being aesthetically similar.

The Spiritualist

Robes like these

I was expecting him to be some emaciated Indian yogi. He wasn’t. He was dressed in white flowing (read: theatrical) Buddhist monk robes with ying/yangs on the bottom of the sleeves, sitting in meditative repose. He was firm/stern and authoritative and helped me to anchor the Bagha. I found him in a candle lit temple high atop a mountain with a snow storm outside.


This is the doppelganger I mentioned that I could feel on my spine in the last entry. One day I’ll be able to tell you about him. Today is not that day.

More to come at a later date.


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