I Want To Take You To a Gay Bar

Sorry, no Quantum Jumping update today. Fingers crossed for tomorrow.

Well Saturday turned out different than expected.  Leigh-Ann, a friend from high school, invited me to the fan park to watch the Germany game. Two sentences in and my narrative skills already feel wholly inadequate. Eish. There where more people from high school there. The crowd (and vuvuzela’s) where loud, Germany raped the opposition convincingly and we had a merry old time strolling down memory lane. I had, after all, not seen most of these friends in 4 years, most likely more.

Of the group, Nicole was most eager to go out for drink-ies afterwards. Beaulah Bar in particular. Beaulah Bar being a lesbian bar in town. And as soon as it came out (excuse the unintended and horrible pun) that I’ve never been to a gay bar, it was pretty much set in stone that I would be going with. How crazy is that; 25 years old, living in Cape Town (well, Cape Town adjacent) and I’ve never (up until a few days ago) been in a gay bar.

I wrote the last sentence 3 hours ago. Really not feeling my best today. So anyway, after a detour and picking up more people, we’re off to town. Town of course being a maze of “closed access” and “detours” due to the World Cup game that took place a few hours earlier. Erg, why am I giving you a half-arsed blow by blow. I mean what is there really to say? It’s a bar that happens to cater towards a certain community. The guys where cute (but then when aren’t they?) and the lesbians only seem to come in 2 flavours – Shane (from the L word) wannabes or something more girly with a touch of alternative. Honestly there is a wider variety of lesbians in Grahamstown. We drank, we chatted, we danced, we talked someone out of letting their ex emotionally blackmail her, then we danced some more. Fairly standard issue fun night.

Did it meet my expectations? No, it did not. It wasn’t the most pumping/busiest of nights and I was hoping for something a bit more. So not the triumphant debut one hopes to make, so I’ll just consider it the matinee before the big première. Not to sound like a raging bitch or anything. I’m grateful to have been able to go and to have actually gone with friends and had a good time. It’s all good.


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