I Could Really Use A Wish Right Now

So I’m really enjoying the Jack Parow album. Like a lot, a lot. On one of (what is for me) the stand-out tracks, “Die Vraagstuk (remix)” he takes the time to declare to the world, “This is what I want, this is the life I want to lead. These are the simple pleasures I want to enjoy.” It is a refreshing change of pace from what usually goes on in the “rap game”.

[Breaking News from inside Jay-Z’s camp – His new album will focus on themes of Wealth and Self-Confidence]

See, it gets a bit same-y. Anyway, here’s an extract from the track in question (side note: I prefer the album version, the original done with Die Heuwels Fantasties does absolutely nothing for me)

Ek soek kaffïen
ek soek nikotien
ek soek my steak gaar
ek soek ‘n meisie wat wag as ek dronk uitstap by die bar
ek soek ‘n enkel
ek soek ‘n dubbel
ek soek ‘n triple sonder vrae
ek soek ‘n wensmasjien
so as ek vra is alles kla daar
ek soek meisies sonder high heels
ek soek meisies sonder base
ek soek meisies wat saam met my staan en vir almal dit wys
ek soek regte vriende, vriende wat deur alles staan by my
ek soek vriende wat heeltyd by dieselfde styl bly
ek soek my jeans los
ek soek my hare een kleur
ek soek ‘n lewe sonder dwelms sodat ek weet wat gebeur
ek soek dronk inhibisie
ek soek uitkyk en ‘n visie
ek soek minder wannabes en meer mense met ‘n missie
ek soek minder MTV
ek soek mense wat in hul psige delf
ek soek net fokken mense wat fokken dink vir hulle self
ek soek goeie waves
ek soek paarties op die strand
ek soek ‘n yskoue bier en ‘n joint in my hand

Ah yes, the simple pleasures. So anyway the point I’m trying to get at is that I should also take the time to say to the universe, to declare, “These are the things I want, this is the life I want to lead, these are the things I wish to accomplish. Now either get on board and help me achieve these things or get the hell out of my way.” Maybe you should also take the time to get absolutely clear on what it is you want. Make that wish.

Oh lordy, now for the hard part, exposing my soul and hoping it doesn’t ripped apart. Well, getting what you want isn’t for sissies. So here goes, with no aim for lyrical finesse but aiming for expression of intent.

Don't try and tell me this man is not having a spiritual experience

I want the body of a fitness model. There I said it. To paraphrase the rapper Nelly from a Men’s Health interview “A great body is a gift to yourself—and only you can give it”. Also I enjoy me some outdoor trance parties and dancing all night and all day, you need to have your body moulded to its peak so it can more easily flow through the music. Plus I want to look good with my shirt off. Furthermore and thus, I imagine getting more in tune with my body on such a level can contribute more to my meditative practices. More awareness of the body equals greater awareness of the inner space due to the enhanced contrast.

I want to be a writer. I have several novels inside me, most of them planned out. I have about 3-4 comic books I wish to write, the chief one of which I’ve been sitting on for a few years and is intricately plotted. And then there’s that whole learning to draw thing. It just comes down to sitting down and writing. About a year ago I wrote half a book in 20 days. I have since tried to get back on the wagon but can’t seem to finish it. I want to get back to that place where I can just write, but most importantly write well. As the saying goes “Art is its own reward”.

I want to make electronic dance music. I want to be able to dj at one of those outdoor parties I mentioned. Sort of take the role of leading the ceremony guiding the dance and the trance and the reflections of inner space reflected in the outer in the vibrations of the music.

There are more goals I am aiming for, but as yet am uncomfortable talking about them. Some of it is related to Taboo (the doppelganger, although Alpha may be a better name for him), some of it relates to the world around me. These goals may look disconnected at a glance but there is a connective meta-narrative tissue between them. They are all ultimately one goal, to pioneer a New way to Live.

It occurs to me that even though this was not intended to be a Quantum Jumping post it has become one because these are the things I wish to achieve with the technique. And I am hoping that given how little time I have to pursue these goals outside of work hours, that the process will be accelerated, bettered.

So make a wish right now and then take some action towards manifesting it.

Love & Light

(and Hugs & Puppies)


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