Mini Quantum Jumping Update #1

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Honestly I don’t have a whole hell of a lot to say just yet. I was bad over the weekend and didn’t take/make time for working through the modules as I had hoped to.

I continued working through the modules last night though. Re-did the Bagha programming module, did the Solution exercise (will see if that pans out, answer was very abstract). And then there was some 40 minutes of lecture on concepts that I’ll probably re-do tonight. Should probably work on the dwadle.

Also I’ve become to attached to the outcome of these Alpha exercises, which of course impairs the experience somewhat. I need to take some time to recentre myself and let go of all expectations. My mantra seems to be “Let go and let God” more often than not when I feel I need to get more aligned with the exercise.

So yeah, I think I’ve figured out a system for this, Mini Updates for slow days reporting, “Meet the” feature when there are more dopplegangers to introduce and longer posts when I have enough info to warrant one, and of course when I get really excited about accomplishing something.


2 thoughts on “Mini Quantum Jumping Update #1

  1. hello feris,

    i am juan, writing you from singapore. i am rather fascinated by burt’s quantum jumping, and have been soo tempted to get it. a little financial difficulty is delaying my ordering it, so i am being more careful and reading up on QJ as much as i can. that’s how i found your blog.

    interesting! i am looking forward to more updates – the danger, feriz, would be to wait until you have something “significant” to write. that would be, as you say, attached to the results of your efforts. and it would be counter productive.

    i am also saving up money to get the silva theta mind meditations set. i love doreen virtue. and feriz, believe it or not, i have a few friends here in singapore that are almost like here – as in they communicate with angels and spirit guides. it’s an incredible universe we live in.

    you can write me anytime. thanks for your blog.

    1. Hey Juan,

      Thanks so much for taking the time to read my blog and dropping a comment. It’s appreciated.

      I totally understand about the delay, we all get to that point when we need to prioritize and save. I don’t know if your familiar with David Morelli, but he has a guided mediation (probably somewhere on YouTube) about getting to the Deep Yes. Maybe you should try the mediation in application to this QJ product. Trust your intuition.

      I do feel like I need to warn you though: While I’m still using some of the QJ techniques I learned, my current focus is on studying EFT. QJ is on the back burner for a bit, but I do intend to dive back in. The EFT just seems more important at the moment.

      Also (since I have your email on my dashboard) I’ll try and write something up thats more specific about the product to help your choice and send it to you, but that might be a few days away.

      Oh and Doreen Virtue was a total gateway drug to this stuff for me. Bought a lot of her books about 5 years ago, but can’t say I can hear my angels yet.

      Hope all is well on your side,
      Blessings 🙂

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