World Cup Photos

Just a quick post of some photos I took at the first World Cup game to take place in Cape Town Stadium. France vs. Uruguay. Taken with my Omnia.

Yes well, not the best quality, I’m well aware of that. But if anyone can ‘shop them and make it better than by all means go crazy.


2 thoughts on “World Cup Photos

    1. It was great. The whole atmosphere was electric and there was a wonderful feeling of unity. Was great just feeling the waves of emotion in the stadium. The vuvuzelas really weren’t that bad, I honestly think the earplugs I wore did more damage to my ears than the load noise of the Vuvu’s.
      But I see from your blog you love dubstep, so I’m pretty damn sure you’ve been in louder situations than the vuvu could hope to achieve. Vuvuzela hate really has grown out of proportion.

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