Avengers: Children’s Crusade #1 Mini-Review


Allan Heinberg


Jim Cheung

Oh. Wow.

That’s it. That is all I have to say on the subject.

Okay so I have more to say. Allan Heinberg has spoiled older comics for me because his writing is so good. And this is me talking about the original volume of Young Avengers. It blew me away and I was a huge fan. That quality of writing continues to bring a richness and depth to the characters here prompting you to fall in love with them again, or for some, the first time.

This issue does a really good job of delivering needed background exposition so anyone can just drop into the series while still moving the story forward.  Just as a complete side note, if Heinberg chooses not to stay in comics, he needs to go work on Caprica and save the show from the heavy-handed teen angst. Just look at how well he handles these kids.  And I have to just take a moment to say, that tender moment between Teddy and Billy, need so much more of that in the comics.

I can not even begin to say enough good things about Jim Cheung’s artwork, but I’m going to try. The man is a superstar and his colouring team makes him look even better, so big big big kudos to them.  He nails the emotional depth of the script; he explodes into action sequences and does a jaw-dropping job of drawing the magical and technologically flavoured scenes.

This book is amazing. Sure there may be continuity issues, but if you’re going to moan about that you don’t deserve to read this book. Buy it now or you can try and trade wait, just make sure you read this superb story.

So listen I know I’ve just been waxing lyrical about how good this is, but that’s because it is. I was left cold and unmoved by most comics out now, nothing in a good long while has thrilled me like this book. I know I’m supposed to be objective and point the books short-comings, but I say bugger that.


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