Creating a Conscious Source Foundation – Preparation

Excuses, excuses. Always there are excuses. Whether it is the cold weather outside or we just think we deserve a break, it is always possible to rationalize not doing the work you know needs to be done. This is especially so when it is work you set for yourself and are accountable only to yourself. Sooner or later, constantly braking vows you make to yourself has a cost.

I need to get down to work. More over I need to get very focused about it. And I’m thinking since writing is the strongest asset I’ve got, everything else just needs to wait while I focus on that. I’m actually a good writer but this blog hasn’t reflected that. This blog for the moment has been about quantity, about a steady output of work. Furthermore if writing is going to become my sole focus I need to master my basic tools. I have yet to master touch-typing. I’ve always let frustration beat me in this, but no longer. And I’ve got my copy of The Elements of Style which I must gorge myself on.

But even all that is prelude. My intention is to use the Quantum Jumping program to create what is called a Conscious Source Foundation*. It will be a coin toss and the outcome will determine whether I focus on writing prose fiction or start hammering away at comic scripts. But I’m not there yet.

While tackling my touch typing and grammar skills (with speed reading on the horizon) I intend to rework all the earlier exercises in the Quantum Jumping program. It looks like going forward from where I am in the program is just variations on what’s been given already so the aim is to strengthen my foundation.

My hope is to get in touch with the energy of the High Writer, sync with it, channel it to the point where I feel compelled to write. Aah, to be physically compelled to write by inner forces as opposed to just sitting back and watching complex narrative lines weave between each other. I’m tired of writing stories in my head. They need to manifest in the physical world now.

So anyway, that’s where I’m going. Those are the steps I choose to take before I feel like I am ready to be there.

*So wait, what exactly is a Conscious Source Foundation? I don’t know what I’m allowed to say about it, how much of the program it gives away. And I mean that in a monetary compensation for product kind of way, not a cult you don’t know enough kind of way. Sorry, I’m leaving it at that.


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