The Soul Vibrates

How awesome is that song! The first time I was introduced to MC Yogi was on the Everything is Energy radio show. Now, the first time I heard the idea of a “spiritual rapper” the eyes went rolling up already. “There is no way this is good, right” was the immediate thought. Especially when you listen to some of the other music that gets played on that show when they have a small break, which comes across like music you do really bad, amateurish interpretive dance too. And not the good kind of bad interpretive dance, I’m talking about the kind you have to sit through on a Sunday morning in church.

So this was a wonderful surprise and the video is also delightful. MC Yogi, during his interview on the show, went on to say how when he sits down to write/make music, he does it with the intention to spread love and joy, and you can really feel it. This song really has the power to almost instantaneously put you in a good mood. It assists you into a happy place.

Now if you know anything about the Law of Attraction you know that your emotions are key. (Quick side note: If you have not yet read Ask and it is Given by Abraham-Hicks, you have a knowledge gap the size of a mountain). So what I would advise you to do is internalise this catchy song and its happy (high level) energy. Let it vibrate in the places within. Let it carry you throughout the day and see what great things it brings into your awareness.

Credit where credit is due:

The articles name comes from this track. Its not really related to this article, its just a track by 2 of my favourite electronic music producers. If the beat takes you, Dance! If it doesn’t, you don’t need to put it in your pie 😉


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