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40D40N – Day 1 – Part 1

This is just for my purposes, logging what I’ve managed so far. Guidelines and more resources and other watwat’s are still forthcoming.

Did my morning hypnosis session, tapping and mind movies. I’m blocking out mainstream media for the most part (I don’t listen to the radio, especially not the “news”). I take responsibility for my feelings. So that boiling cauldron of rage, contempt and hate I have directed at 2 very specific people I have to deal with for 70% of my week – I recognize that those emotions existed within me before these people showed up in my experience and it is my responsibility to transmute that energy, to let go of that vibrational addiction. So it’s something to tap on is what I’m saying.

Things to do today:

Alternate between the “Virtual Reality” process detailed by Abraham-Hicks and the “Becoming Present” energy tool provided by Morelli. I figure alternate between the 2 every 30 minutes should help keep my vibration high.

Later this evening, work through one of those 90 minute calls the Morelli’s do (it’s like gym for your vibrational set point) and before bed hypnosis. If there is time I can fit in some reading.

Note to self: Be easy about this. It is easier than it is being made out to be.

40 Days & 40 Nights: The Free Version

The following is based on an immersion program created by David and Kristin Morelli. From what I can tell it is based on an experiment performed by NASA to test the stress effects of zero gravity on their astronauts. I can’t for the life of me remember where I first read about this experiment, probably Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, but right now I am using trying to find the source for reference purposes as a form of procrastination. If you would like more information about the experiment, ask and I’ll probably detail it in a follow up post. Getting back on point… I’m sure that the temptation of Christ had something to do with the naming of the program, just to give it that Jungian unconsciousness mythic support. If your interested, you can check there first program here or sign-up for the new one here.

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What’s going on?

Diamond rose
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I just need to jot these things down.

So this morning I was ready to rip today a fraking new one, but in a positive super motivated kind of way. Then the news came on the radio and its all doom and gloom and my dad is sitting next to me and he took that energy of doom and gloom and embodied it and magnified it and emanated it and now I feel like that killer instinct I had has been taken out of me. Neutered.

But truth to tell, I know it’s not gone, its just gone back below the surface. Centimetres, not inches. I can still rock this day.

Dreaming of diamonds
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Some good news, I now (as of 10 minutes ago) just about have all the resources I need to start that special project I mentioned yesterday. This weekend will be spent figuring out how to fit everything into a day-to-day watwat.

Recently I’ve been using some hypnosis mp3’s regarding wealth, say since the start of the week. There’s one for before going to bed and then there’s one for the daytime that runs backwards. This daytime one is only a half-hour long but I have it on repeat on my headphones for most of the working day. Yesterday my mother, that’s working in a diamond jewellery store at present, made her biggest sale since entering that job sector. So things are flowing in a positive direction yes.

General Mini-Update 01

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Hey all!

Wow, all. Man am I ever optimistic 😛 Anyway this is just a quick update for anyone who reads this and notices a drop in activity. There’s a reason for that. I’m working on 2 different posts at the moment and they are both proving a little difficult to articulate. Plus the second one is actually a series of post slash an experiment that you can follow along to.  But I need to collect all the resources it requires into one place, 20% of which may only be available next week.

I’m excited about this posts and I hope you’ll come back to check. Don’t be afraid to drop comments or subscribe to the blog 😀

One more thing, as a result of the experiment I’m designing my tracking/practice of Quantum Jumping has been further delayed. I know it’s what some visitors find the most interesting about this blog but that’s just the way it is at the moment. I hope to get back to talking about it as soon as I finish the experiment and I’m hoping the experiment will actually enhance the QJ experience.

My Ego Has a Pimp Slap

pimp_slapMy ego has a pimp slap. For those of you unfamiliar with what a pimp slap is, the Urban Dictionary defines it as “The act of backhanding the cheek, delivering the blow from across the body”. For example, a pimp will slap his business associate solidly and exclaim, “Bitch, where’s my money?” thus asserting dominance.

So how is it that my ego has a pimp slap you may wonder? Well it comes out of nowhere, as unexpected assaults generally do, a memory flashes across my mind devouring all other thoughts like a hungry cannibal, then departs leaving behind the taint of acute embarrassment and feelings of inadequacy. The offending memory varies from an insignificant misplaced word to a personal action that others may have found amusing at my cost and the results of these mental assaults are just as varied, ranging from a cringe to a violent convulsion. Why, just this morning whilst taking a bath I was forced to relive standing in front of the class in high-school, singing some or other song. I nearly drowned in guilt, shame and bathwater.

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