Bloggers Remorse

The voices, that is

Well, it has been a month of blogging dangerously. That certainly wasn’t the intention when this all started but its what it feels like from where I’m standing now. A month of blogging about some way out there esoteric/metaphysical experiences in my life. A month of exposing my thoughts and beliefs about these experiences and concepts. A month of living in fear of the “choir of reasonable voices”.

I remember that voice in my head saying “What the hell is this crap” when I put up my first post. I remember nearly soiling myself with terror when I realised that my wordpress account automatically posted a link to my post on twitter. “Oh my God, people know me there!” was what flew through my mind. I’ve managed to get all that in check now, thankfully. But, truth to tell my heart still skips a beat when I see a referral come through twitter.

I don’t know why the opinions of people I have never met bug me so. Not that many people have given it so far. This is turning into an exercise in learning to value my own opinion over those of the external just as much as it has been about me writing for the sake of writing and tracking my development. I hope I’m getting better at it.


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