I Heart This Song, So Freakin Bad

It must be the soul in Bruno’s voice. That’s probably what caught me about this song the first time I heard it on the radio. And then I saw the music video which just sealed the deal for me, LUV IT! I love how while the chorus of the song is about the fulfilment of self, all the actions that take place in the video have charity and giving at its centre.

I love how it portrays people taking right action in pursuing their dreams, be it getting out there and selling your mixtape or trying to catch a lift to New York and so on, and then Travie McCoy fulfils this role as an Agent of Manifestation for them. And it’s mutually beneficial; He is eager to give and they are willing to receive. For the record, I’m also very willing to receive a Mini Cooper S Convertible 🙂

I wish more music videos where this positive and uplifting. In the meanwhile, there is Mind Movies. I’ve been using 3 of their 6 free pre-made mind movies for about a week now, every morning before I go to work and every evening before I go to bed. It’s basically like your vision board has been turned into a movie and set to music. Now I have to be honest with you, the music is not going to set any Top 10 charts on fire, but they get the job done. It gets you happy and bouncy and helps you focus that newly manifested energy into the movie. That being said, what I like to do is “pre-game” the Mind Movies. That is to say psyche myself up before I hit play. The music video that started this blog is a great way for me to do that, as well as anything by MC Yogi. It is a great way to energise yourself into a modality of gratitude and receiving.

So what’s been great about using the Mind Movies is that every now and then, I’ll realise that I’ve actually been replaying one of the videos in my head when I wasn’t paying attention and that got me super stoked. That was basically the intent of the movies, to replace the subconscious negative movies with more positive manifestationaly charged movies. Wicked Sick.

Phew, I’ve been sitting on this blog piece for a few days now and glad it’s out of my system. Hope you find it useful. Maybe take the time to ask what movies are on repeat in your mind. And if they are not movies you want on repeat, what would you want to replace them with, and how are you willing to do that.

Love and light,

(and hugs and puppies)


PS: Check out last weeks Everything is Energy radio show podcast for an interview with the people behind Mind Movies. It has a great energy and they share some wonderful and inspirational success stories. I don’t know about you but hearing about how people have successfully applied the law of attraction in their lives is one of my favourite things.


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