What’s going on?

Diamond rose
Image via Wikipedia

I just need to jot these things down.

So this morning I was ready to rip today a fraking new one, but in a positive super motivated kind of way. Then the news came on the radio and its all doom and gloom and my dad is sitting next to me and he took that energy of doom and gloom and embodied it and magnified it and emanated it and now I feel like that killer instinct I had has been taken out of me. Neutered.

But truth to tell, I know it’s not gone, its just gone back below the surface. Centimetres, not inches. I can still rock this day.

Dreaming of diamonds
Image by Swamibu via Flickr

Some good news, I now (as of 10 minutes ago) just about have all the resources I need to start that special project I mentioned yesterday. This weekend will be spent figuring out how to fit everything into a day-to-day watwat.

Recently I’ve been using some hypnosis mp3’s regarding wealth, say since the start of the week. There’s one for before going to bed and then there’s one for the daytime that runs backwards. This daytime one is only a half-hour long but I have it on repeat on my headphones for most of the working day. Yesterday my mother, that’s working in a diamond jewellery store at present, made her biggest sale since entering that job sector. So things are flowing in a positive direction yes.


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