40D40N – Day 1 – Part 1

This is just for my purposes, logging what I’ve managed so far. Guidelines and more resources and other watwat’s are still forthcoming.

Did my morning hypnosis session, tapping and mind movies. I’m blocking out mainstream media for the most part (I don’t listen to the radio, especially not the “news”). I take responsibility for my feelings. So that boiling cauldron of rage, contempt and hate I have directed at 2 very specific people I have to deal with for 70% of my week – I recognize that those emotions existed within me before these people showed up in my experience and it is my responsibility to transmute that energy, to let go of that vibrational addiction. So it’s something to tap on is what I’m saying.

Things to do today:

Alternate between the “Virtual Reality” process detailed by Abraham-Hicks and the “Becoming Present” energy tool provided by Morelli. I figure alternate between the 2 every 30 minutes should help keep my vibration high.

Later this evening, work through one of those 90 minute calls the Morelli’s do (it’s like gym for your vibrational set point) and before bed hypnosis. If there is time I can fit in some reading.

Note to self: Be easy about this. It is easier than it is being made out to be.


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