40D40N – Day 2

Day 1 – Part 2

So overall yesterday was nice and vibey. Struggled a bit with the last hour of work but things went swimmingly after that. Lets see, I had my tapping session, specifically on procrastination. It didn’t go fully away, but after 30 minutes of tapping stuff comes up you didn’t know you had. Future tapping targets if you will. If you would also like to tap on it, or tap on it at a later stage (see what I did there 😛 ), here is a helpful vid.

After that I worked through a shorter Morelli call. The half hour limiting belief tool session, although I’ve done it so often by now I can finish in 10 minutes. And then of course I did my evening hypnosis session.

Day 2 – Part 1

This morning I did my Hypnosis, my tapping (I shall post my morning video when I can find the link for the correct one), and my mind movies. For those of you that need a little vibrational kick in the tush, check out this powerful message from Abraham-Hicks:


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