40D40N – Day 4

Image by simple_dog via Flickr

Hey all. Right now, right this second as I am typing this, I am tired to the point of stupidity please bare (bear?) with me.

Day 3 – Part 2

Lets see… I only did the limiting belief energy tool and the hypnosis last night. I unfortunately didn’t get around to tapping but I did however have a major revelation about my procrastination but that’s a separate post. I don’t know if that post will be up before Monday because as I mentioned I’m a touch tired at the moment and I have no internet on the weekends. Also, before I forget, a friend of mine won a competition, the prize being R10,000 and a chance to get his book published. Congrats Justin!

Day 4 – Part 1

Did my morning hypnosis session, mind movie tapping session and abundance tapping. Also had the experience today of the universe confirming its abundance to me this morning as well as a few other things that indicate I’m working in the right direction. I’ll elaborate on that when I’m more cogent, so probably Monday then.


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