40D40N – Day 5-7

Oh weekends, how disruptive you prove to be. /Tries to jog memory\

Day 4 – part 2

I’m pretty sure I did my evening hypnosis session and some tapping, but I know I didn’t work the energy tools, not once this whole weekend.

Day 5

I did my morning hypnosis session but only got to my mind movies mid afternoon. Tapping was extensive – 20-30 minutes. The evening didn’t go so well in terms of this work. My sister was bored and wanted to go out, so we went out to Fez with my other sister where her friend was DJ-ing. So no evening hypnosis. Not even slightly.

Day 6

No morning hypnosis, to hung-over to deal. I did however tap on the hang-over and it really took the edge off, that was really cool.

Day 7 – part 1

Aah, back into the routine. Sweet, sweet routine (I’m more surprised then you are that I just said that). Did my morning hypnosis, my mind movie tapping and abundance tapping. Also I’ve been really happy for most of the day and genuinly excited about my life. This is in part due to the fact that Duke Nukem Forever is actually getting released and if that game can actually come out, well then there really is nothing that I cannot be, do or have!


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