40D40N – What happened?

So I guess someone out there is wondering what happened to this experiment? It went Hindenburg is what happened. Allow me to elaborate;

At the end of the day going through this experiment and then feeling obligated to report on it was causing me emotional strain and stress. Not in a “Crucible of Spiritual Growth!” kind of way, but more the “Shallow and doing it for the wrong reasons!” kind of way. The problems with this experiment mirrored those I have with this blog in general. It became a must instead of for-fun. My pageviews became very important to me (which is why I had to let it flatline before posting again). I was censoring myself and editing myself for a specific readership.

I hate censoring myself. I love cursing in in every language I know (which is only two but still). And I loathe the idea that it is incongruent to be spiritual and oriented around personal growth and to drop the eff-bomb with reckless abandon. The thing is if I censor myself on the language level I will censor myself on every level ranging from meaning to big-ideas I have.

So where is this blog going? Hopefully a less censored version of myself and hopefully covering topics and things I like. So while I will still tackle topics you might find in the MindBodySpirit section of your local bookshop I’ll probably talk about videogames, comics and other “geeky” things as well as things that are happening in my life. So back to the original intention of this blog.

And to those that can’t stick around because they find swearing offensive,

So long and thanks for all the pageviews.


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