Do Want! #2

How is the Universe supposed to know what you want (and thus give it to you) unless you tell it?


I really want a gaming computer. I can’t be this informed and have this little play time. It’s stupid joke that stopped being funny a long time ago. It’s time to fix that!


I know WOW is old news to a lot of people. I know the mechanics are dated. And I really don’t care. I LOVE the art style of Blizzard and I love immersing myself in it. The way some people experience a truly primal fear when faced with snakes, thats the level to which this game stokes the fires of my imagination. Plus the last time I played I only got to lvl 27, and that was when the mounts where available at lvl 30. WOW, you and I have some serious unfinished business.

51jBR6Vs8mL._SS350_Do want! I want in on this console cycle because they’ve done so many rad things. I am super keen 😀

 957985_120251_frontThe box-art for this game says it all – have fun killing zombies with anything. Automatic win!

fableiile nunsThese last two should be fairly self explanatory, right? 




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