Do Want! #3

loop_organic_pillow Yes that’s right, I want a pillow! One that doesn’t give me a stiff neck and a pounding headache every morning! I really don’t want to become a Panado addict.

514Sfa-2TFL._SS500_51YBEEb LvL._SS400_ 

Aah Battlestar Galactica, One of the best fracking things to happen to t.v. in forfrackingever! I love the show, would love to own it and then one day, in a year or so, marathon it! And then there’s Lost. The show is not perfect but it definitely had its moments of Awesome-sauce (The first flashforward = ZOMG!). Plus I haven’t seen the last 2 seasons or so and the internet seems hellbent on the proliferation of spoilers, so you know, I’d like to not constantly be not reading certain things.

GalaxyBosses--article_image redwii


Yes please, I would very much be liking to get on this train now. Just look at that picture up top again. Look At It! It is fantastic awesome teh cuteness! Plus I hear it’s a great game.


ss1030 4585937-3026906-thumbnail

Just re-emphasising my love of the Blizzard art-style and my eagerness to play a Worgen Rouge. Let’s get on top of this Universe. In the words of Patrick Stewart: “Make it so!”


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