So I’m still procrastinating, and everyday I die a little more inside. I know how that sounds and if you jumped to that E word in a knee-jerk response: Fuck you and get the hell off my blog.

I’ve been using the program every morning for over a week now (still no response from the letter I sent them). It’s a 4 to 6 week process so I’m not too discouraged, non-the-less I am annoyed. Still it is not a surprise that wiping procrastination out of my life is not an over-night process. Just to give you an idea of how deeply ingrained procrastination is in my life, it is literally impossible to recall a time in my life where I didn’t have procrastination as a reference point for anything I was (or more realistically not) doing. So when I say I’m an Olympic Gold Medallist in Procrastination, know that rather shamefully I shit you not.

But yes I am actively procrastinating, not just at home with creative endeavours I wish to pursue or side-job’s I wish to apply for, but at work as well. I feel like I’m a jack-ass that doesn’t deserve a goddamnthing.


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