Bars and Abundance

First post for 2012. I don’t know how regularly I’ll be posting, but here goes for now.Fish Hoek beach, seen from the hills on the so...

This past Sunday I took a class on something called The Bars. It was held in Fishhoek. I wont go into detail about what The Bars are here, but if you don’t already know you can read up on it here, here, and here.

The trip there was nice and the people where lovely, although predictably I was the only guy there. While I was actually getting my Bars run I got really hot. While the Ageing Toaster was engaged I got the sense of a swirling red vortex in my chest area. All in all it was quite relaxing.

Photo courtesy of Matt Bochsler

The next morning… well, money was not raining from the sky and Lindt chocolate was not flowing from opened taps. That was disappointing. [I know how that sounds but go read the testimonials and you try and have lowered expectations.] That everything felt and looked the same, that I was still running the same energies and still repeated the same shit with my mother and father, that was a very special kind of depressing.

I’ve been told that your insides change and that’s what counts and you shouldn’t look to the exterior. But when your inner world changes your exterior world reflects that, so that argument is invalid. I’ve been told everything from give it 2 days to give it 2 weeks. Shit, whatever happens happens at this stage.

So today is Day 3 since the class and I still have not had the opportunity to practice and run someone else’s Bars. My parents have been either working late and/or watching tv. But hopefully something tonight. Since when you Gift someone else Bars, your own start running as well. Something I’ve noticed since having my Bars run is that I’m hell’a tired all the damn time.


Chasing Lunacy

I’ve been practising The Abundance Course (a.k.a The Release Technique) (Testimonials) quite frequently for the past two weeks and have pretty much been getting the same results I got the last time. I’d get a surge of happiness basically. On Friday I told a friend of mine about the course and he began practising on Monday. I’m happy to say he is enjoying it and getting something out of it. Yesterday he told me that he would randomly burst out laughing “like a lunatic” and that was a bit of validation for me because I had a very similar experience.
The Technique combined with my friend beginning to practise was enough to get over the depression/disappointment re the Bars. I’ve been trying to get a Release buddy to practise with and keep me accountable for over a year now. And just in time, since I’ve reached the plateau. I’m at that place where I release and release and release and really I’m even more boss at it now than the last time but I just can’t seem to get to that place where the happies well up inside you and burst out making you “laugh like a lunatic”.
For interests sake, I’m on the Goals track of the course. I think it is just this track that’s a bit of a bump in the road.
The thing is, just on Monday, I’d work on releasing a goal and get so happy and laughy that I can’t even stay on my chair, much less continue Releasing. And then poof, gone. The Abundance Course: The Heroine of Self-Help.
Anyway, these are the Goals I’m working on, as re-worded for the purposes of the Course:
  • I allow myself to live at the Icon Hotel in accommodation perfect for me simply by releasing.
  • I allow myself to receive a Buffalo Stealth 1TB Ext. HDD simply by releasing.
  • I allow myself to receive R1000 or more in cash through releasing only.
  • I allow myself to practice Convict Conditioning with ease and joy.

I’m starting small so that it is easier to come to a place of believing I have it. As soon as I accomplish the R1000 one, I’ll add a zero onto the end, and then when I accomplish that I’ll add another zero onto that and so on.


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