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Ping: 2013

Well it’s been about a year since my last post here. I honestly don’t have much to say.¬†For the most part I’ve been actively blogging on Tumblr and I see WordPress is copying ideas over from there.

What’s going on with me since last I posted? Sweet fuckall. The wheel turns, nothing changes.

Earlier this year I became extremely depressed. More intensely so than I had in a long while. You want to know a funny thing? Researching suicide methodology is depressing because you find out just how hard it can prove to kill yourself.

I’m still trying to write and getting nowhere.

Still working where I was and only getting more deeply entrenched.

For the most part I’m feeling better, but the repetitive grind and never getting anywhere despite all the things I do do just really makes me want to kill myself all over again.

I’m just low right now. I may feel slightly stronger tomorrow. But that never lasts. SO over the bullshit of existing.