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Talk That Comic Book Talk: East of West – Part 1

On The Up Top

Your big wheel was never that gangsta
Jonathan Hickman – Writer
Nick Dragotta – Artist
Frank Martin – Colours

I’m hoping to start a podcast soon with the name given above. While I build up to that I’ll try and flex my comic book discussion muscles with these posts. Please mind the birthing fluids, it’s gotten all over the place.

If you haven’t guessed yet from the title of this post, I’ll be discussing… trying to figure out what the ever lovin’ hell is going on in the comic book East of West, specifically issue 01 and 02. Expect a rambling train of thought as opposed to a cogent argument/summary/interpretation.

Spoilers after the cut.

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So Things and stuff, 04/2013

Mention you run a Tumblr and WordPress blog in your motivational letter applying for an internship for become a wordpress webdev.

Die a little inside at the prospect of showing the prospective employer your wordpress blog due to overly frank discussions about depression. So I ended up not giving the url.


I doubt they will just take my word for it. Anyway…

Two weeks ago I had an extremely productive week and a half. wrote 3 and a bit chapters after not having worked on my novel for a year. Felt damn good. Was surprised that despite having had the whole thing in my head this whole time, when I wrote one of the new chapters, out of nowhere popped a character that didn’t exist before but is suddenly critical to the narrative. If Man plans and God laughs, well then I guess Novelists plan and muses think that shit is just adorable.


So on Saturday not only is it Star Wars Day, but it’s also Free Comic Book Day and I’ll be going to watch Iron Man 3. I am going to have the most geekiest day. I can’t even. Could you even? No, I didn’t think so.

Talking Comics: Disappointment Itself

fear itself Cover

First off I want to say that Fraction’s script was solid and Immonen’s pencils where stellar as usual. That being said, this issue didn’t thrill me.

This is the beginning of a Marvel event that’s marketed as being on the level of Civil War. My problem, besides the pacing, is that there’s no big bang, no “Shit Just Got Real” moment. Look at this issue and compare it to Avengers #500 (the start of Disassembled), Civil War #1, Secret Invasion #1 and Siege #1.

One could argue that the Norse gods running away from earth like a bunch of pussy’s is indicative of the gravity of the situation, but none of the other heroes present know why the gods are leaving – the Avengers don’t know the gods are running from something. For all the Avengers know, it’s just time to re-establish Asgard somewhere else.

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Avengers: Children’s Crusade #1 Mini-Review


Allan Heinberg


Jim Cheung

Oh. Wow.

That’s it. That is all I have to say on the subject.

Okay so I have more to say. Allan Heinberg has spoiled older comics for me because his writing is so good. And this is me talking about the original volume of Young Avengers. It blew me away and I was a huge fan. That quality of writing continues to bring a richness and depth to the characters here prompting you to fall in love with them again, or for some, the first time.

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