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General Mini-Update 01

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Hey all!

Wow, all. Man am I ever optimistic 😛 Anyway this is just a quick update for anyone who reads this and notices a drop in activity. There’s a reason for that. I’m working on 2 different posts at the moment and they are both proving a little difficult to articulate. Plus the second one is actually a series of post slash an experiment that you can follow along to.  But I need to collect all the resources it requires into one place, 20% of which may only be available next week.

I’m excited about this posts and I hope you’ll come back to check. Don’t be afraid to drop comments or subscribe to the blog 😀

One more thing, as a result of the experiment I’m designing my tracking/practice of Quantum Jumping has been further delayed. I know it’s what some visitors find the most interesting about this blog but that’s just the way it is at the moment. I hope to get back to talking about it as soon as I finish the experiment and I’m hoping the experiment will actually enhance the QJ experience.


Creating a Conscious Source Foundation – Preparation

Excuses, excuses. Always there are excuses. Whether it is the cold weather outside or we just think we deserve a break, it is always possible to rationalize not doing the work you know needs to be done. This is especially so when it is work you set for yourself and are accountable only to yourself. Sooner or later, constantly braking vows you make to yourself has a cost.

I need to get down to work. More over I need to get very focused about it. And I’m thinking since writing is the strongest asset I’ve got, everything else just needs to wait while I focus on that. I’m actually a good writer but this blog hasn’t reflected that. This blog for the moment has been about quantity, about a steady output of work. Furthermore if writing is going to become my sole focus I need to master my basic tools. I have yet to master touch-typing. I’ve always let frustration beat me in this, but no longer. And I’ve got my copy of The Elements of Style which I must gorge myself on.

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I Could Really Use A Wish Right Now

So I’m really enjoying the Jack Parow album. Like a lot, a lot. On one of (what is for me) the stand-out tracks, “Die Vraagstuk (remix)” he takes the time to declare to the world, “This is what I want, this is the life I want to lead. These are the simple pleasures I want to enjoy.” It is a refreshing change of pace from what usually goes on in the “rap game”.

[Breaking News from inside Jay-Z’s camp – His new album will focus on themes of Wealth and Self-Confidence]

See, it gets a bit same-y. Anyway, here’s an extract from the track in question (side note: I prefer the album version, the original done with Die Heuwels Fantasties does absolutely nothing for me)

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Mini Quantum Jumping Update #1

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Honestly I don’t have a whole hell of a lot to say just yet. I was bad over the weekend and didn’t take/make time for working through the modules as I had hoped to.

I continued working through the modules last night though. Re-did the Bagha programming module, did the Solution exercise (will see if that pans out, answer was very abstract). And then there was some 40 minutes of lecture on concepts that I’ll probably re-do tonight. Should probably work on the dwadle.

Also I’ve become to attached to the outcome of these Alpha exercises, which of course impairs the experience somewhat. I need to take some time to recentre myself and let go of all expectations. My mantra seems to be “Let go and let God” more often than not when I feel I need to get more aligned with the exercise.

So yeah, I think I’ve figured out a system for this, Mini Updates for slow days reporting, “Meet the” feature when there are more dopplegangers to introduce and longer posts when I have enough info to warrant one, and of course when I get really excited about accomplishing something.

A Quantum Experience

“What’s that word? The word that means sacred and profane?”


This exchange takes place in comic book by the great Alan Moore and J.H. Williams III called “Promethea”, Issue 22.  This exchange, this idea, best describes my first foray into exploring parallel universes.

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