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Panic… at the Office

So I’m having a panic attack right now. My heart is simultaneously caving in and pumping an acidic burn throughout the left side of my body. One part of me is yelling that I should run out the building, just keep running and not stop while another yells that I should continually bash me head into the wall. The greater part of me however, is immobilized in this shit. My consistent inability to take action… some would say my pathological fear of taking action, is the cause of all this.

45 minutes in it finely occurs to me that maybe I should try tapping.

That’s better. There is still a chemical burn in my heart and left arm but I am no longer freaking out. I feel angry now though. That’s a step up the emotional scale, right?

On taking action: Imagine if you will there is a man bound, chained and manacled to a rock as securely as can be. There are other chains attached to his bones and on the other end of those chains is a Bugatti Veyron attempting to go full speed. The Bugatti being my creative impulses and the unmovable rock being my inability to get anything done. FTS.