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40D40N – Day 5-7

Oh weekends, how disruptive you prove to be. /Tries to jog memory\

Day 4 – part 2

I’m pretty sure I did my evening hypnosis session and some tapping, but I know I didn’t work the energy tools, not once this whole weekend.

Day 5

I did my morning hypnosis session but only got to my mind movies mid afternoon. Tapping was extensive – 20-30 minutes. The evening didn’t go so well in terms of this work. My sister was bored and wanted to go out, so we went out to Fez with my other sister where her friend was DJ-ing. So no evening hypnosis. Not even slightly.

Day 6

No morning hypnosis, to hung-over to deal. I did however tap on the hang-over and it really took the edge off, that was really cool.

Day 7 – part 1

Aah, back into the routine. Sweet, sweet routine (I’m more surprised then you are that I just said that). Did my morning hypnosis, my mind movie tapping and abundance tapping. Also I’ve been really happy for most of the day and genuinly excited about my life. This is in part due to the fact that Duke Nukem Forever is actually getting released and if that game can actually come out, well then there really is nothing that I cannot be, do or have!


40D40N – Day 4

Image by simple_dog via Flickr

Hey all. Right now, right this second as I am typing this, I am tired to the point of stupidity please bare (bear?) with me.

Day 3 – Part 2

Lets see… I only did the limiting belief energy tool and the hypnosis last night. I unfortunately didn’t get around to tapping but I did however have a major revelation about my procrastination but that’s a separate post. I don’t know if that post will be up before Monday because as I mentioned I’m a touch tired at the moment and I have no internet on the weekends. Also, before I forget, a friend of mine won a competition, the prize being R10,000 and a chance to get his book published. Congrats Justin!

Day 4 – Part 1

Did my morning hypnosis session, mind movie tapping session and abundance tapping. Also had the experience today of the universe confirming its abundance to me this morning as well as a few other things that indicate I’m working in the right direction. I’ll elaborate on that when I’m more cogent, so probably Monday then.

40D40N – Day 2

Day 1 – Part 2

So overall yesterday was nice and vibey. Struggled a bit with the last hour of work but things went swimmingly after that. Lets see, I had my tapping session, specifically on procrastination. It didn’t go fully away, but after 30 minutes of tapping stuff comes up you didn’t know you had. Future tapping targets if you will. If you would also like to tap on it, or tap on it at a later stage (see what I did there 😛 ), here is a helpful vid.

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40 Days & 40 Nights: The Free Version

The following is based on an immersion program created by David and Kristin Morelli. From what I can tell it is based on an experiment performed by NASA to test the stress effects of zero gravity on their astronauts. I can’t for the life of me remember where I first read about this experiment, probably Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, but right now I am using trying to find the source for reference purposes as a form of procrastination. If you would like more information about the experiment, ask and I’ll probably detail it in a follow up post. Getting back on point… I’m sure that the temptation of Christ had something to do with the naming of the program, just to give it that Jungian unconsciousness mythic support. If your interested, you can check there first program here or sign-up for the new one here.

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General Mini-Update 01

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Image by Nicholas Kennedy Sitton via Flickr

Hey all!

Wow, all. Man am I ever optimistic 😛 Anyway this is just a quick update for anyone who reads this and notices a drop in activity. There’s a reason for that. I’m working on 2 different posts at the moment and they are both proving a little difficult to articulate. Plus the second one is actually a series of post slash an experiment that you can follow along to.  But I need to collect all the resources it requires into one place, 20% of which may only be available next week.

I’m excited about this posts and I hope you’ll come back to check. Don’t be afraid to drop comments or subscribe to the blog 😀

One more thing, as a result of the experiment I’m designing my tracking/practice of Quantum Jumping has been further delayed. I know it’s what some visitors find the most interesting about this blog but that’s just the way it is at the moment. I hope to get back to talking about it as soon as I finish the experiment and I’m hoping the experiment will actually enhance the QJ experience.

My Ego Has a Pimp Slap

pimp_slapMy ego has a pimp slap. For those of you unfamiliar with what a pimp slap is, the Urban Dictionary defines it as “The act of backhanding the cheek, delivering the blow from across the body”. For example, a pimp will slap his business associate solidly and exclaim, “Bitch, where’s my money?” thus asserting dominance.

So how is it that my ego has a pimp slap you may wonder? Well it comes out of nowhere, as unexpected assaults generally do, a memory flashes across my mind devouring all other thoughts like a hungry cannibal, then departs leaving behind the taint of acute embarrassment and feelings of inadequacy. The offending memory varies from an insignificant misplaced word to a personal action that others may have found amusing at my cost and the results of these mental assaults are just as varied, ranging from a cringe to a violent convulsion. Why, just this morning whilst taking a bath I was forced to relive standing in front of the class in high-school, singing some or other song. I nearly drowned in guilt, shame and bathwater.

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I Heart This Song, So Freakin Bad

It must be the soul in Bruno’s voice. That’s probably what caught me about this song the first time I heard it on the radio. And then I saw the music video which just sealed the deal for me, LUV IT! I love how while the chorus of the song is about the fulfilment of self, all the actions that take place in the video have charity and giving at its centre.

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Creating a Conscious Source Foundation – Preparation

Excuses, excuses. Always there are excuses. Whether it is the cold weather outside or we just think we deserve a break, it is always possible to rationalize not doing the work you know needs to be done. This is especially so when it is work you set for yourself and are accountable only to yourself. Sooner or later, constantly braking vows you make to yourself has a cost.

I need to get down to work. More over I need to get very focused about it. And I’m thinking since writing is the strongest asset I’ve got, everything else just needs to wait while I focus on that. I’m actually a good writer but this blog hasn’t reflected that. This blog for the moment has been about quantity, about a steady output of work. Furthermore if writing is going to become my sole focus I need to master my basic tools. I have yet to master touch-typing. I’ve always let frustration beat me in this, but no longer. And I’ve got my copy of The Elements of Style which I must gorge myself on.

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Straight up Musing


[This was going to be a post about the World Cup. Its not anymore. I’ve been working on this entry for 3 days now. Please hang on for a slightly disjointed ride]

So I’m sitting in some hipster café/restaurant on Lower Long Street called Dolces (not to be confused Dulces) all orange and modern design. It’s actually kind of nice as I get to just chill and do one of my favorite activities, People Watching. Well, it’s a family favorite really. I must say though that People Watching in the Cape Town CBD while a first class world event being hosted here… well lets just say that there is a wider variety than is traditionally found behind The Boerewors Curtain.

Second time chilling in the CBD in less then a week. This is wildly unprecedented and I like it, a lot. It’s a confirmation for me that my life is changing and all for the better. Changing the narrative pattern in subtle subversive ways. What I mean by that is that if I wasn’t in such an open and centered place, I wouldn’t even notice the changes, wouldn’t pause to be thankful for them and thus they would have slipped out of my grasp. Oh happy day that that is not the case.

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I Could Really Use A Wish Right Now

So I’m really enjoying the Jack Parow album. Like a lot, a lot. On one of (what is for me) the stand-out tracks, “Die Vraagstuk (remix)” he takes the time to declare to the world, “This is what I want, this is the life I want to lead. These are the simple pleasures I want to enjoy.” It is a refreshing change of pace from what usually goes on in the “rap game”.

[Breaking News from inside Jay-Z’s camp – His new album will focus on themes of Wealth and Self-Confidence]

See, it gets a bit same-y. Anyway, here’s an extract from the track in question (side note: I prefer the album version, the original done with Die Heuwels Fantasties does absolutely nothing for me)

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