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Talking Comics: Disappointment Itself

fear itself Cover

First off I want to say that Fraction’s script was solid and Immonen’s pencils where stellar as usual. That being said, this issue didn’t thrill me.

This is the beginning of a Marvel event that’s marketed as being on the level of Civil War. My problem, besides the pacing, is that there’s no big bang, no “Shit Just Got Real” moment. Look at this issue and compare it to Avengers #500 (the start of Disassembled), Civil War #1, Secret Invasion #1 and Siege #1.

One could argue that the Norse gods running away from earth like a bunch of pussy’s is indicative of the gravity of the situation, but none of the other heroes present know why the gods are leaving – the Avengers don’t know the gods are running from something. For all the Avengers know, it’s just time to re-establish Asgard somewhere else.

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