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Straight up Musing


[This was going to be a post about the World Cup. Its not anymore. I’ve been working on this entry for 3 days now. Please hang on for a slightly disjointed ride]

So I’m sitting in some hipster café/restaurant on Lower Long Street called Dolces (not to be confused Dulces) all orange and modern design. It’s actually kind of nice as I get to just chill and do one of my favorite activities, People Watching. Well, it’s a family favorite really. I must say though that People Watching in the Cape Town CBD while a first class world event being hosted here… well lets just say that there is a wider variety than is traditionally found behind The Boerewors Curtain.

Second time chilling in the CBD in less then a week. This is wildly unprecedented and I like it, a lot. It’s a confirmation for me that my life is changing and all for the better. Changing the narrative pattern in subtle subversive ways. What I mean by that is that if I wasn’t in such an open and centered place, I wouldn’t even notice the changes, wouldn’t pause to be thankful for them and thus they would have slipped out of my grasp. Oh happy day that that is not the case.

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World Cup Photos

Just a quick post of some photos I took at the first World Cup game to take place in Cape Town Stadium. France vs. Uruguay. Taken with my Omnia.

Yes well, not the best quality, I’m well aware of that. But if anyone can ‘shop them and make it better than by all means go crazy.

I Want To Take You To a Gay Bar

Sorry, no Quantum Jumping update today. Fingers crossed for tomorrow.

Well Saturday turned out different than expected.  Leigh-Ann, a friend from high school, invited me to the fan park to watch the Germany game. Two sentences in and my narrative skills already feel wholly inadequate. Eish. There where more people from high school there. The crowd (and vuvuzela’s) where loud, Germany raped the opposition convincingly and we had a merry old time strolling down memory lane. I had, after all, not seen most of these friends in 4 years, most likely more.

Of the group, Nicole was most eager to go out for drink-ies afterwards. Beaulah Bar in particular. Beaulah Bar being a lesbian bar in town. And as soon as it came out (excuse the unintended and horrible pun) that I’ve never been to a gay bar, it was pretty much set in stone that I would be going with. How crazy is that; 25 years old, living in Cape Town (well, Cape Town adjacent) and I’ve never (up until a few days ago) been in a gay bar.

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